March 29, 2011


 CalFresh Program Guide Letter #557





Effective Date

March 28, 2011



All County Letter (ACL) 11-22



The purpose of this letter is to inform staff of the new process for the Inter-County Transfer (ICT) of CalFresh benefits.



In circumstances in which a CalFresh recipient household moves from one county to another county within the state, CalFresh cases are currently terminated by the former county at the end of the month in which the change of address is reported and an application had to be filed in the new county.

The implementation of the new ICT process for CalFresh recipients will ensure that eligible households do not experience an interruption in benefits and will reduce the administrative burden on counties. 

The ICT process for CalFresh households receiving CalWORKs or Medi-Cal shall be implemented no later than April 1, 2011

The ICT process for CalFresh-only households is to be implemented no later than July 1, 2011.


Summary of Updates

The following CalFresh Program Guide chapter has been updated as follows:

Program Chapter


Program Updates


Inter-County Transfers

Section added to implement ICT regulations


Forms and Desk Aids/CDSS Forms and Notices Matrix

Added ICT forms to the Matrix



CalWORKs Program Impact

Family Resource Centers (FRC) shall use the existing CalWORKs ICT process for Public Assistance CalFresh cases when at least one member of the CalFresh household also receives CalWORKs.

Please refer to:

CalWORKs Program Guide 40-100 P. Inter-County Transfers


Medi-Cal Program Impact

FRC shall use the existing Medi-Cal ICT process for CalFresh when at least one member of the CalFresh household receives Medi-Cal.

Please refer to:

Medi-Cal Program Guide Article 3, Section 2 Inter-County Transfers



All incoming eICTs to San Diego County are received by ACCESS.  ACCESS workers are responsible for the retrieval, clearance, and application registration.  ACCESS workers shall process all CalFresh eICTs coming into San Diego County that are not pending to a FRC. 

When an ICT is pending to a FRC, the ACCESS worker will forward the eICT packet to the FRC ICT liaison for the FRC to process. 

When an individual with an active CalFresh case in another county calls ACCESS and reports that he/she is now a San Diego County resident, the worker will take the following steps:

·        Verify the individual’s current CalFresh status on MEDS;

·        Initiate the ICT process by sending an eICT request to the current county of record on MEDS;

·        Explain the ICT process to the beneficiary.


Forms Impact

The English and Spanish version of CalFresh Informing Notice of Sending Inter-County Transfer - NA 1268 and CalFresh Informing Notice of Receiving Inter-County Transfer - NA 1267 are attached to this program guide letter.

The English notices have been added to CalWIN for manual generation only.

Spanish translations are in progress and will be added as soon as they are completed.  Until the Spanish notices are loaded into CalWIN, the HSS shall issue them manually and scan into DoReS.

They are also located in the S:\ENTERPISE\Food Stamp State Forms\Other Languages Food Stamp State Forms, and can be accessed from Section 63-650.2, CDSS Forms and Matrix:

·        NA 1267 ICT Receiving English

·        NA 1268 ICT Sending English

·        NA 1267 ICT Receiving Spanish

·        NA 1268 ICT Sending Spanish

The informing notices are currently being translated to other languages and will be posted in the S:\ folder as soon as they are available.


Imaging Impact

All case documents associated with the ICT, including informing notices NA 1267 and NA 1268, shall be imaged into DoReS within 24 hours of receipt, following current business processes as outlined in the EEOG.


Statewide Fingerprint Imaging System (SFIS)

The ICT process assumes no interruption in benefits.  Therefore, the receiving county will not require a new SFIS screening.

A household that has not met SFIS requirements during initial application must satisfy those requirements prior to being recertified. Households are not required to make a special trip to the FRC solely for the purpose of SFIS compliance.


Automation Impact

A single statewide Electronic Inter-County Transfer (eICT) system has been developed to connect all California counties allowing workers to electronically perform an ICT from one county to another regardless of the system that county is using for eligibility determinations. 

The eICT automates previously manual processes that are essential to the transfer of client benefits throughout California counties.  The automated file transfer process (eICT) will greatly ease the administrative burden of transferring cases from one county to another and from one consortium to another.

·  CalFresh transferring in conjunction with an active Medi-Cal or CalWORKs program, or CalFresh only cases (effective July 1, 2011) will maintain the same QR Cycle and same RRR date as established by the sending county.

·  The QR Cycle for the receiving county will be established during the ICT Intake-Data Collection process on the Collect QR Cycle Details window.  The worker will enter the appropriate Cycle 1, 2, or 3; this will auto-populate the QR Data Month, QR Submit Month, and First Month of the QR Payment Quarter.

·  The RRR due date will be established after running EDBC and upon case authorization in the Receiving County.

·  The following “How To’s,” developed for the eICT process, can be located at the CalWIN Intranet:

-     Electronic Referrals

-     HT172 – Send an Inter-County Transfer

-     HT173 – Cancel an Inter-County Transfer

-     HT174 – Request an Inter-County Transfer

-     HT175 – Process Received Inter-County Transfer

-     HT176 – Convert CalWIN Case Comments to TIF

-     HT177 – Convert Multiple CalWIN Windows to Tagged Image Format  (TIF)

-     27-348 eICT Document Checklist and Communication Form


Operational Impact

San Diego County Programs (CalWORKs, Medi-Cal, and CalFresh), The Knowledge Center, Office of Eligibility Improvement (OEI), the ACCESS – ERA representatives, and Automation have worked together in creating the San Diego County eICT Business Process to assist FRCs in the implementation of the Statewide Electronic Inter-County Transfer (eICT) process.  Each FRC will utilize these materials as guidelines in establishing roles and responsibilities based on established protocol and workload assignments.

The eICT Business Process is a living document and will be updated as needed:

·  eICT Business Process

·  San Diego County FRC Liaisons


Quality Assurance (QA) Impact

QA will cite the appropriate error when the regulations cited in the material have not been followed.


Manager Approval

SILVIA MELENA, Assistant Deputy Director

Self-Sufficiency Programs

Strategic Planning & Operational Support


Manager Contact

CalFresh Program