February 27, 2009

Food Stamp Program Guide (FSPG) Letter #540







Effective Date

Upon receipt.




MPP 63-504.2; MPP 63-804.4 & MPP 22-071.1

FSPG 63-105.2 & FSPG 63-002




The purpose of this letter is to provide instructions regarding conferencing with applicants when the applicant contests the denial of Food Stamp Expedited Services (FSES).




Currently, the FSPG requires an oral explanation to households on the reason for the denial of FSES and indicates that the applicant cannot appeal the denial of FSES. 




To conform with State Hearing Instructions, the County will:


·  Offer “agency conferences” to households wishing to contest the denial of expedited services and

·  Provide the State Hearing phone number to applicants who request an expedited hearing.


Note:  “Agency Conference” means a face-to-face meeting between the household and/or authorized Representative with the eligibility worker, supervisor and/or manager.


Section 63-105.1 will be rephrased to read:

o       Household with less than $150 in monthly gross income; and liquid resources not exceeding $100; or

o       Migrant or seasonal farm worker households who are destitute as defined in FSPG Section 63-243.5 provided their liquid resources do not exceed $100; or

o        Households whose combined monthly gross income and liquid resources are less than the household's monthly rent or mortgage, and utilities”.



Required Action

Upon receipt of this letter, the worker is to apply the following guidelines when FSES is denied:


·  Explain to client the reason for the denial and enter case comments.

·  If the household disputes the denial, refer to a supervisor who will        review the denial and if a correct determination was made, help the applicant understand the reason(s) he/she was not eligible to FSES.

·  If the household continues to dispute the denial, provide the State hearing phone number 1(800) 952-5253, or 1(800) 952-8349 for clients who require the use of Telecommunication Device for the Deaf (TDD).

·  Inform household that the agency conference with a supervisor/manager does not replace a State hearing request.

·  If the agency conference leads to an informal resolution of the dispute the State hearing will still be in conducted unless the household makes a written withdrawal of their requests for a hearing.

·  An agency conference must be held no later than two working days from the date of the dispute/request unless the household requests that it be scheduled later or states that he/she does not wish to have an agency conference.



Forms Impact




Automation Impact




Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance will cite the appropriate error when the requirements in this material have not been followed.



Summary of Changes

       The table below shows the changes to the FSPG.












Eligibility Requirements



Identifying or Screening Households Needing Expedited Service


·         Added the word “or” to the end of the sentence “liquid resources not exceeding $100”.

·         Removed “The household cannot appeal the determination of no entitlement to FSES”

·         Added explanation of “agency conference” and required actions for FSES denial.



Manager Approval

(Original signed 02/27/09)






Assistant Deputy Director

Self-Sufficiency Programs

Strategic Planning and Operational Support