October 3, 2008


Food Stamp Program Guide (PG) Letter #536




Issuance of the updated Food Stamp Program Guide through Internet Publication



Effective Date

October 10, 2008




County Policy




Strategic Planning and Operational Support is moving towards centralizing all program guide material on the internet to allow for public access.  As a result, the Food Stamp Program Guide (FSPG) is moving from the HHSA Intranet to the Internet.  Staff may still use the intranet link but will be redirect to the internet site.


The FSPG can be reached by going to either:

·        The internet at http://hhsa-pg.sdcounty.ca.gov. or

The intranet at http://hhsa_intranet.co.san-diego.ca.us/manuals



Summary of Changes

The FSPG has been re-written to incorporate old Special notices (SN), Policy Inquiries (PI), and reorganized (creating some new sections) using a format called “Info mapping”.  This format is intended to be easier to understand and read on-line.


Refer to the attached grid for a detail of changes to the FSPG.


Note: Any changes to regulation/policy are identified in BOLD on the attachments.



Future Updates

All future updates to the FSPG will be released electronically.  A copy of FSPG letter will be issued via e-mail announcing the changes to the program guide.  The on-line FSPG will be updated shortly there after.  


Automation Impact

No impact


Forms Impact

No impact



Quality Assurance Impact

No impact


Filing Instructions

Recycle the paper version of FSPG


Manager Approval

Original signed October 03, 2008





Dann Crawford, Assistant Deputy Director

Assistant Deputy Director

Food Stamp, Medi-Cal and General Relief Programs

Strategic Planning & Operational Support