63-251     Month of Application


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Month of Application


Proration of Benefits during the Initial Month of Certification


Application after the 15th of the Month


Anticipated Changes during the Application Month



Month of Application

A household’s eligibility will be determined for the month of application by considering the household’s circumstances as of the date of the intake interview except under the following circumstances:

·      The applicant household consists of strikers, or

·      Voluntary quit individuals, or

·      A destitute or categorically eligible household.


63- 251.2
Proration of Benefits during the Initial Month of Certification

CalFresh benefits are prorated from the date of application. The date of application is the date that a SAWS 1 or SAWS 2 PLUS or CF 285 is received requesting CalFresh. The application must include the applicant's name and address, and the signature of the head of household, a responsible household member, or an authorized representative (63-103.8).

·      If processing of the application was delayed beyond 30 days due to the fault of the household the benefit level will be prorated from the date the County receives verification that the household completed the required action.

·      Migrant and seasonal farm worker households which have a break in participation of 30 days, or fewer, will not have their benefits prorated.

·      After determining the prorated allotment the allotment amount is to be rounded down to the nearest lower whole dollar. If this computation results in an allotment of less than $10 no issuance will be made for the whole month.


Application after the 15th of the Month

Households applying for benefits after the 15th day of the month eligible to receive benefits for the initial month and the subsequent month, will receive both allotments at the same time.


63- 251.4
Anticipating Changes during the Application Month

As a result of reported, estimated or anticipated changes, the household’s allotment for the month of application may differ from its allotment in subsequent months.  The household’s allotment will vary from month-to-month to reflect actual changes reported during the certification period or those changes anticipated at the time of certification.

·         63-252, Determining Eligibility and Benefit Levels of Change Reporting (CR) Households.

·         63-282, Prospective Budgeting and Reasonably Anticipated Income.