63-124     Battered Women Shelters



“Shelter for Battered Women and Children” means a public or private nonprofit residential facility that serves battered women and/or women with children.  If the facility also serves other individuals, a portion of the facility must be set aside on a long term basis to serve only battered women and/or women with children.

A shelter:

1)    May have Federal Nutrition Services (FNS) authorization as a retail food store to redeem EBT benefits through wholesalers;

2)    May accept EBT benefits from residents in payment for meals provided by the shelter;

3)    May redeem benefits at retailers as the authorized representative; or

4)    Residents may utilize their benefits to purchase food and prepare meals.

There are currently six battered women’s shelters in San Diego County:

·      The YWCA Battered Women’s Services in San Diego

·      The Women’s Resource Center in North County

·      Hidden Valley House in North County

·      St. Claire’s Home in North County

·      Project Safehouse of San Diego

·      Libre House


Determining Eligibility and Benefit Levels

A woman who temporarily resides in a shelter for battered women/children may apply for CalFresh directly or through an authorized representative as specified in Section 63-113.

A. Household Definition

A woman or a woman with her children will be considered as a separate household from the other women or women with children temporarily residing at the shelter.

B. Income/Resource/Expenses

Eligible shelter residents shall be certified for CalFresh solely on the basis of the income, resources and expenses for which they are responsible at the time of application.  They shall be certified without regard to the income, resources and expenses of their former household. Resources jointly owned with member(s) of the former household from which the resident fled shall be considered as inaccessible to the resident if the resident’s access to such resources requires the consent of the member(s) of the former household.

C. Certification

A resident (woman or woman and her children who flee the dwelling of an abuser) must apply as a new household in the battered woman’s shelter.  As a new household, she and her children may receive CalFresh even if she/they had already received an issuance for the application month as a member(s) of the abuser’s CalFresh household.

If it is not possible to give 10 days notice to reduce or terminate the next month’s benefits of the household which the resident left, the benefit level of the household which the resident left must be based on the former household size (including the battered woman/children). If the resident’s former CalFresh household is a Public Assistance (PA) household, and the worker has insufficient information to determine ongoing CalFresh eligibility, the worker will shorten the certification period in accordance with Section 63-301.6.

D. Proration of Initial Month Benefits

If a resident’s application for CalFresh includes all of the same food stamp household members previously certified in the home of the abuser, the household is not subject to proration.  If the CalFresh household’s composition has now changed, the household is subject to proration as this household is not the same CalFresh household previously certified for participation.

 E. Overissuance

If the worker determines that an individual received more benefits than entitled to, a claim shall be established as outlined in Section 63-451.