63-119      Application with Other Aids


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The Application With Other Aids section includes the following information:



Concurrent Application




Processing/Verification Procedure


CalFresh Application to Apply for Medi-Cal and/or Healthy Families


Referral Procedures




Concurrent Application

Households in which all members are applying for public assistance (PA) will be informed that they may apply for CalFresh benefits at the same time and will be required to complete only a single application for both programs.

A single interview will be conducted at the time of initial application for both CalFresh and cash aid, and when possible General Relief (GR) and CalFresh, and Refugee Cash Aid (RCA) and CalFresh.  If the household is applying for GR or Medi-Cal but not cash aid, the household will also be allowed to apply for CalFresh concurrently if they wish to do so.

To prevent any delay in the processing of CalFresh expedited services the worker may hold a separate CalFresh interview.




Eligibility and benefit level will be based solely on CalFresh regulations.  CalFresh may not be denied solely because of the cash grant denial.

Refer to Section 63-250, Determining Household Eligibility & Benefits Levels.


Processing/ Verification Procedure

Processing of the CalFresh application will normally be concurrent with the processing of the other aid application.  However, processing of the CalFresh application must conform to the notice, procedural and timeliness requirement of the CalFresh regulations, including processing expedited services. Refer to Section 63-109 for detail on the application process and time limits & delays.

Verification Procedure 

Verifications obtained for the other aid program may also be used for CalFresh. However, processing the CalFresh application will not be delayed due to lack of verifications which are needed for the other aid, but not CalFresh.  If the other aid is denied, CalFresh eligibility will be determined on the basis of the original application.

The worker cannot delay the household’s CalFresh benefits if, at the end of 30 days following the date of the application, the CalFresh verification requirements are met and not the PA requirements.

The worker cannot deny CalFresh before the 30th day if the PA application is denied sooner. 


When an applicant wants to apply for Public Assistance CalFresh, the “CalFresh (Food Stamp) box” should be checked on the SAWS 2 Plus or answered “yes” on the SAWS 1.  If during the interview the applicant decides he/she does not want CalFresh, application withdrawal procedures apply.

When an applicant does not wish to apply for CalFresh, the CalFresh box must be checked “no”.  If this box is not checked, the worker will take a CalFresh application unless it is determined otherwise during the interview.


CalFresh Application to Apply for Medi-Cal

Counties have been instructed to simplify and expedite applications for other aid programs. This often allows an applicant or recipient to use one application for multiple programs such as for Medi-Cal.

Assembly Bill (AB) 59 and Senate Bill (SB) 493 mandated the notification to CalFresh applicants and recipients of the potential eligibility to Medi-Cal. 

Upon the return of a CF 285, if the applicant indicates that they are interested in applying for Medi-Cal, the information captured on the CalFresh application will be shared to assist in the completion of an eligibility determination for Medi-Cal.  If there is no active or pending Medi-Cal, the Family Resource Center Center will mail the TEMP 14-22 HHSA Request for Tax Household Information (RFTHI) to the household.  The Medi-Cal Beginning Date of Aid (BDOA) will be established upon receipt of the RFTHI.

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