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Restrictions on who can be an Authorized Representatives


Authorized Representative for Drug and Alcohol Centers and Group Living Arrangements


Worker Responsibilities





An Authorized Representative (AR) is a person designated and authorized by the participant to act on their behalf in one or all of the following situations:

A.   Applying for benefits in person, by fax (or other electronic transmission), mail or on-line application;

B.   Obtaining the Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card; and

C.   Using the EBT card

Refer to Section 63-123 for specific information about AR(s) of Drug or Alcohol Rehabilitation, or Group Living Arrangement situations.

The AR may be designated by:

         The head of household, his/her spouse, or any responsible household member; or

         The administrator of a Group Living Arrangement (if the resident has been determined to be physically or mentally incapable).

An AR can be:

         A non- household or excluded household member; or

         A representative of a Drug/Alcohol Treatment Center; or Group Living Arrangement. (Refer to Section 63-123 for details)

Note:Adults who are nonhousehold members may be designated as AR for certification purposes only under the following conditions:

         The AR has been designated in writing by the head of the household, spouse, or another responsible member of the household; and

         The AR is an adult who is sufficiently aware of relevant household circumstances.

The relevant household circumstances included all information about household composition, income and resources needed to determine eligibility.

The ARís identity shall be verified at intake, at recertification and whenever a new AR is appointed.

A.   Applying for Benefits

To designate an AR to complete the CalFresh application the conditions in this section must be met.

         A Cash/CalFresh EBT Request for Alternate Card Holder (TEMP 2201 or CSF64 in CalWIN), signed by a responsible member of the applicant household must be on file before application can be accepted form the AR.

         The applicant household member must include in the signed statement the reason member of the household cannot apply for CalFresh.

         The worker will inform the household that the household will be held liable for any overpayment that results from erroneous information given by the AR.

A responsible adult member of the household should review the application if the AR prepares it.

The AR designated by the treatment center must sign the application forms.

B.  AR EBT Card

Applicants should be encouraged to designate a person other than the payee to transact benefits even if the person is not needed at the time of application. The person designated may be an AR coded as Alternate Card (AC) holder (in CalWIN system) or another responsible eligible member of the household. However, the household may designate only one person other than the payee to transact its benefits.

         If an AR/AC is designated to transact the benefits, the household must designate the person in writing on the application and on the TEMP2201 or CSF64.

         If the person designated to transact the benefits is an eligible household member, the designation is not required in writing.

         In CalWIN, the person designated must be identified as the AC even if the person is a household member.

Reminder: For Drug and Alcohol treatment Centers, the AR will receive an active EBT card as the appropriate Alternate Cardholder indicator (02-99).When the client leaves the center, the Authorized Representativeís EBT card must be deactivated and the clientís EBT card with the indicator for the Primary cardholder (01) will be reactivated; or a new or replacement EBT card can be issued for the Primary Cardholder (01) if needed.

C.   Using the EBT Card

The AR/AC may use the EBT card to purchase food for the CalFresh household.

Refer to Section 63-123 for the use of Authorized Representatives for Residents of Drug or Alcoholic Treatment & Rehabilitation Centers.


63-113.2 Restrictions
On who can be an Authorized Representatives (AR)

A.   Drug/Alcohol Centers


Application for CalFresh by residents of FNS-approved drug or alcohol centers is voluntary on the part of the applicant.However, if the individual wishes to apply, the center must be designated as that personís authorized representative.A specific employee of the center must be named by the center to act as authorized representatives for residents of that center. Refer to Section 63-123 for more details.

Institutions or organizations may not act as an AR.Only individuals or employees of an institution may act in the capacity of an AR.

B.Retailers and DSS Employees

Due to the potential for conflict of interest, retailers who are authorized by FNS to accept CalFresh, and Social Services employees, will not be designated as authorized representatives except in cases of hardship.Hardship cases are those in which:

         No household member is able to act on behalf of the household; and

         There is no other acceptable person outside the household who is willing and able to serve as authorized representative.

Requests for FNS-approved retailers, or Social Services Department employees, to act as Authorized representative will be forwarded through normal channels to the CalFresh Program Manager.The request will include written justification and the endorsement of the manager or Assistant manager.Such requests may be denied at the FRC level only if an acceptable alternate authorized representative is found, or if the FRC documents that the household can adequately represent itself without the assistance of an authorized representative.

C.Persons Disqualified for Intentional Program Violation (IPV)

Persons disqualified for intentional Program Violation may not act as an authorized representative during the period of disqualification unless the individual is the only adult member of the household and worker has determined that no other representative is available.

D. Homeless Shelters

Homeless meal providers cannot act as authorized representatives for homeless CalFresh recipients.


Representative for Drug and Alcohol Centers and Group Living Arrangements

Refer to Section 63-123 for How to apply to be an Authorized Representative for residents of Drug and Alcohol Centers and Group Living Arrangements





Worker Responsibilities

The worker will make sure that:

         The Authorized Representatives are properly designated;

         The Authorized Representativesí identification is in the householdís case file; and

         There is no limit to the number of households and authorized representative may represent.

Refer to section 63-123.7 for Worker Responsibilities for Authorized Representatives for Drug and Alcohol Centers and Group Living Arrangements.