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Mandatory Reporting and County Initiated Mid-Quarter Changes



Mandatory Mid-Quarter Reporting

Income Reporting Threshold

Income Reporting Threshold for Recipient Family

IRT Reporting Size of Zero

Income Over IRT

Over IRT at Application

IRT Income Not Expected to Continue

IRT Reporting Not Required

County Initiated Mid-Quarter Changes

Timely Notice For County Initiated Mid-Quarter Actions



Mandatory Mid-Quarter Reporting

Recipients must report in person, verbally, or in writing, specific changes during the QR Payment Quarter within 10 calendar days of when the changes become known to the Assistance Unit (AU).


The following occurrences must be reported by the recipient to the Human Services Specialist (HSS) within the 10 calendar days timeframe stated above:


         Drug felony convictions

         Fleeing felon status

         Violation of conditions of probation or parole

         Address changes; and

         When income exceeds the Income Reporting Threshold (IRT)


In addition to the changes listed above, AUs that meet Annual Reporting/Child Only criteria (AR/CO) are also required to report any changes in household composition within 10 days.

The HSS will take mid-quarter action to reduce or discontinue benefits, as appropriate; at the end of the month after 10-day notice can be provided.If timely notice to reduce or discontinue benefits cannot be issued and a signed 10-day waiver was not obtained, the HSS must release benefits for the next month at the current level, initiate negative case actions, and provide 10-day notice.The HSS must determine the overpayment for the next month whether the AU reported the change timely or not.


When an address change is reported, staff are required to provide a Voter Registration Interest/Declination NVRA Voter Preference Form (16-64 HHSA) and CA Voter Registration Form Card (VRC), and follow the required NVRA procedures as outlined in the CPG 40-100 E. NVRA Requirements for Public Assistance Offices chapter in the HHSA Eligibility Desk Guide (EDG).Both forms must be provided to the client, regardless of whether their address change was reported in-person, by mail, through the internet, or over the telephone.Case comments are required to be entered in CalWIN to document the actions taken.


Non-Minor Dependents (NMDs) who are receiving extended CalWORKs benefits under the Extended Foster Care (EFC) program are not subject to any CalWORKs reporting requirements.NMDs are required to report any changes to their CWS social worker per their Mutual Agreement for Extended Foster Care (SOC 162).



Income Reporting Threshold (IRT)

The Income Reporting Threshold (IRT) is a mandatory mid-quarter reporting requirement.The IRT is the level of income that triggers the requirement for a CalWORKs AU to report a mid-quarter change in income.††


The AU must report to the HSS when the familyís combined gross monthly income, earned and unearned, exceeds the AUís IRT during the QR Payment Quarter.


An AU that has earned income only or a combination of earned and unearned income must report when the familyís combined gross monthly income exceeds the AUís IRT.†††


An AU that has no income or has unearned income only must report if they begin to receive earned income that, once combined with other family income, exceeds the AUís IRT.


When an AU reports income in excess of the IRT, the HSS must re-determine the AUís financial eligibility for the QR Payment Quarter.


If the averaged income is reasonably anticipated to continue to exceed the AUís Maximum Aid Payment (MAP) for the remainder of the QR Payment Quarter, the county shall determine the AU financially ineligible and shall discontinue the assistance AU at the end of the month in which the AU first received the income that exceeded the AUís MAP, with timely and adequate notice.


Income Reporting Threshold for Recipient Family

Region 1

Reporting Size

Income Reporting Threshold





















10 or more


Effective 10/1/12 to 9/30/13


IRT Reporting Size of Zero

The IRT of a reporting size of zero ($114) is to address those relatively rare occurrences where no oneís needs are considered in determining the CalWORKs cash aid amount.




The only eligible child is a Maximum Family Grant (MFG) child and

his/her caretaker relative (parent) is either being sanctioned or penalized and there are no other persons in the home whose needs are considered in the Family MAP. ††



Income over IRT

An AU which is determine financially ineligible must be discontinued, following timely (10-day) and adequate notice, at the end of the month in which the AU first received the income that exceeded the AUís MAP.


First or second month of the QR Payment Quarter


IfÖ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††††Then the HSS mustÖ†††††††††

AU reports income in excess of the IRT; and

The income is reasonably anticipated to continue; and

The new net non-exempt averaged income for the

remainder of the QR

Payment Quarter exceeds the AUís MAP.


Discontinue the case at the end of the month with timely notice. Discontinue the case at the end of the month with timely (10-day) and adequate notice.


Note: Though it is expected that income exceeding IRT will result in financial ineligibility,†† the appropriate discontinuance reason on a notice of action is financial ineligibility due to ongoing net-nonexempt income that exceeds MAP, not IRT.

Third Month of QR Payment Quarter


IfÖ†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Then the HSS mustÖ

The AU reports income in excess of the IRT; and

The income is not expected to continue††

Use that information as supplement to the current QR7;and

Determine eligibility and cash aid for the next QR Payment Quarter.

Note: If it is reasonably anticipated that the income will not continue, the income will not be counted for the next quarter (see below).††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††††




Over IRT at Application

At initial application, the HSS must use all reasonably anticipated income to determine the coming payment quarter benefits.The following examples illustrate reasonably anticipated income for the payment quarter that exceeds the IRT for one or more months and is expected to continue.††††




Mom and 1 child are applying for CalWORKs.Mom is a teacher and the application month is July.Reasonably anticipated income for the initial payment quarter is:July (0), August ($700.00) and September ($1,600).The $1,600 is expected to continue, the income is over the IRT, and the client is determined to be financially ineligible for continuing benefits.


Since the AU passes the applicant test based on zero income for the first month (July), the HSS will determine the monthly grant for the payment quarter by averaging the income for the entire 3 months of the payment quarter including all actual and reasonably anticipated future income.


The August QR 7 reflecting the $1,600 monthly income anticipated for September and continuing will be processed and the AU discontinued at the end of September with timely notice.


IRT Income Not Expected to Continue

If income that is reported in excess of the IRT is only expected to exceed the IRT for one month and will not continue to exceed the IRT, the HSS must not take any action to discontinue cash aid.




An AU is in the April/May/June Quarter. In April, the AU reports timely to the HSS that their earned income exceeded the IRT due to overtime. When determining the reasonably anticipated income for May and June for the AU due to the IRT report, it is discovered that the AU will have no income for those months. Since the income over the IRT will not continue, the AU is not discontinued.


The HSS must treat this information as a mid-quarter report and recalculate the cash aid amount, after verification is received, for the decreased income for May and June. If the recalculation results in an increase of cash aid, a supplement will be issued for May and the grant increased for June.


IRT Reporting Not Required


The AU is not required to make a mid-quarter report of income changes when the AU has unearned income only (including disability-based unearned income) and that income by itself exceeds the IRT.

County Initiated Mid-Quarter Changes

The HSS must take mid-quarter action on some changes in eligibility and grant status at the end of the month in which the change occurred, with timely (10-day) and adequate notice, even if it results in a decrease in cash aid.


County-initiated mid-quarter actions include but are not limited to:

         An adult reaches the CalWORKs 48-month time limit

         A Sanction/financial penalty is imposed on recipient members of the AU

         A Pregnant and Parenting Teen bonus or sanction is issued or imposed

         A Child reaches their age limit

         Aid is approved for a child in another AU (duplicate aid)

         Foster Care is granted (timely notice not required)

         A Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA) recipient reaches their eight-month RCA time limit

         An AU member is no longer a California resident

         When it becomes known to the HSS that an AU member is deceased

         An AU is transferred to a Tribal TANF program

         When it becomes known to the HSS that an individual is confined in a correctional facility on the first of the month and is expected to remain for a full calendar month or more

         When adjustments are needed to correct erroneous payments due to incorrect or incomplete recipient reporting or incorrect HSS action/inaction on recipient reported information

         When there is a cost of living adjustment to Minimum Basic Standard of Adequate Care (MBSAC), including income in-kind, MAP, and Social Security



Note: For CalWORKs cases where an aided child has been removed from the home and placed in Foster Care, timely notice is not required prior to deleting the child from the first AU.Regulations provide for an exception to the timely notification requirements when a CalWORKs child is removed from the home as a result of a judicial determination or if the child has been voluntarily placed in Foster Care by the parent or legal guardian.



Timely Notice for County-Initiated Mid-Quarter Actions

Do not reduce benefits unless there is sufficient time to provide timely and adequate notice.The HSS must take action to decrease benefits effective the first day of the next month in that QR Payment Quarter when a 10-day notice of decrease in benefits can be provided.