G. Other Excluded Income

Income In-Kind

The following income in-kind are excluded as income:


       Home produce such as from a garden, orchard, livestock, and poultry used by the assistance unit (AU) for their own consumption;

       Partial items of need;

       Any income in-kind, whether a full or partial item of need, provided on the basis of need by a private nonprofit organization.

Infrequent Income

Any prospectively budgeted income which is received too infrequently to be reasonably anticipated, but not in excess of $30 per calendar quarter per AU.

Mileage Re-imbursement

Actual mileage reimbursement when paid at a flat rate per mile, or as a repayment of actual costs.

Agent Orange Settlement Payment

Payments made from the Agent Orange Settlement Fund and from other funds established pursuant to the Agent Orange product liability court proceedings.

Native American Tribe Member

The following payments are exempt under federal law:

       Funds of Native American Tribes including interest earned and investment income derived from such funds, when the funds have been:

o       Distributed by the Secretary of the Interior on per capita basis; or

o         Held in trust by the Secretary of the Interior.

       Individual Native American income of up to $2,000 in any 12 consecutive month period that is derived from individually owned interests in a trust or restricted lands.

Alaskan Claims Settlement Act (ANSCA)

Cash Settlements including cash dividends on stock, land, or interest up to $2,000 per person annually received from a Native Corporation are exempt for individual Natives and descendents of Natives.

Senior Volunteer Service Income

Compensation received by recipients 60 years of age or older for volunteer services performed under the following programs is exempt:


       Retired Senior Volunteer Program

       Foster Grandparents Program

       Older Americans Service Program of National Older Americans Act.

Domestic Volunteer Services Act of 1973

AmeriCorps*VISTA, formerly known as Vista Volunteer, payments and payments made for supportive services or reimbursement of out of pocket expenses made to persons serving in the Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) and Active Corps of Executives (ACE) are exempt.

Children of Vietnam veteran born with Spina Bifida

Monetary allowances from the federal government for children of Vietnam veterans who are born with Spina Bifida are exempt.

Ricky Ray Hemophilia Fund

Exempt any payments made to individuals with blood-clotting disorders, who contracted human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), due to contaminated blood products in the process of medical treatment, from any fund established pursuant to this act.