42-100.E Verification and Monitoring Procedure


Table of Contents




Verification of School Attendance


Home School Programs


Informing Requirements




42-100.E.1 Verification of School Attendance

Applicants for CalWORKs are not required to verify school attendance for the children in the assistance unit prior to being approved for assistance.


School attendance is monitored by the following procedures:

·         Recipients must provide the most recent report card or progress report as verification of school attendance, or they can choose to submit a School Attendance Verification Form, 07-31 HHSA. Recipients can request the form from the Human Services Specialist (HSS), have the form completed by the school and submit the completed form to the HSS.

Note:  Due to San Diego Business Process, do not use CalWIN “School Attendance Verification and Release of Information" CSF 37 form to verify school attendance.

·         The school attendance verification must be submitted twice a year:

o   At the Semi-Annual Reporting (SAR) Submit Month according to the case SAR Cycle (refer to CPG 44-270.B.2 SAR Cycle Chart), including Annual Reporting/Child Only (AR/CO) cases; and

o   At the time the annual renewal is being processed.


Reminder:  Be sure to complete or update the "Attendance" tab in CalWIN at any time school attendance verification is received to reflect current school enrollment information.


42-100.E.2 Home School Programs

If the child is being home schooled, a 07-31 HHSA form completed by the parent is acceptable, as long as the parent also provides verification that:

·         The home study program is recognized by the school district; and

·         An agreement has been entered into with the school district.


42-100.E.3 Informing Requirements

All applicants and recipients of CalWORKs must be informed of school attendance requirements.  The informing requirement is met with the following methods:

·         Applicants and Recipients – Shelf stock form 07-31C HHSA - CalWORKs School Attendance Requirement Information notice must be provided to all CalWORKs applicants and recipients at application and at their annual renewal. 

The 07-31C HHSA form needs to be signed both by the parent/caretaker relative(s) and the HSS.  HSS are required to provide a signed copy to the parent/caretaker relative and document capture a copy for the case.

Form 07-31C HHSA must be included in the application and renewal packets.

·         On an ongoing basis, 739 HHSA - CalWORKs School Attendance Verification Reminder Letter will be mailed to recipients by Eligibility Operations.