C. Evidence Of Age


Evidence of Age


Verification of age is a condition of eligibility.The Human Services Specialist (HSS) is to verify the age of all eligible children.


Acceptable Verification

  Birth/Hospital certificate.

  Birth Registry Index information from the San Diego County Recorderís office.

Complete and submit a Birth Verification form (20-53 HHSA) to the designated birth verification staff.

For birth records located out of San Diego County, in addition to the 20-53 HHSA form, complete and submit an Out of San Diego County Birth Verification Request form (16-47 HHSA).

  Baptismal certificate or church record of baptism.

  Confirmation papers or church record of confirmation.

  Indian agency records (when applicable).

  U. S. government records of immigration and naturalization.

  Adoption decree.

  United States passport.

  State or federal census record.

  Sworn statement of an adult (other than the applicant/recipient) if this statement is based on the adultís personal knowledge, which would substantiate the age of the applicant.This statement must recount the specific circumstance upon which the adultís knowledge is based, not the adultís personal belief.

  Other forms of verification not shown on this list (i.e., school records when the school requires proof of birth before the child is enrolled).The FRC manager must approve this verification.

  When none of the above listed evidence is available, the sworn statement of the applicant verifying the age of his/her child(ren), pending return of completed 20-53 HHSA and/or 16-47 HHSA forms.The sworn statement is to be used as a last resort only.

Unacceptable Verification

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Unacceptable verification

  Entries in a family Bible or other genealogical record.

  Any evidence listed above, which does not appear to be substantive or genuine.For instance, certificates that have been filled in by the applicant or any evidence that appears to have been altered.


NOTE:Altered documents are a basis for fraud referral.

Case Documentation

  The cases will be coded with the appropriate type of evidence provided for each child in the AU.

  If the appropriate code is not listed on the automated system, Case Comments will be made indicating the type of evidence provided.