K. Intake/Application Procedures


Time On Aid Procedures Prior To Intake

During the “Screen Prints and Clearance Procedures” (see CalWORKs Program Guide Special Notice 97-03 Addendum A issued June 5, 2001) the designated clerical staff must:


·       print the TOA WTOP screens with all time on aid history for all adults in the applicant assistance unit (AU) (see TUG Special Notice 99-04 and 99-04 Addendum A), and


·      print the PSUM and KCAL screens from the TRAC system prior to the intake.


These TRAC screens are in addition to the TRAC screens currently required to be printed by CPG Special Notice 97-03 Addendum A (IINQ, IDET, ALID, and KSUM)).


All of these screens provide a history of time on aid in San Diego and other California counties necessary for the time on aid determination.  All screen prints are to be included in the open/pend case folder.


Time On Aid HSS Intake Procedures

Human Services Specialists (HSS) are required to complete a “Time On Aid Determination” prior to an approval for CalWORKs cash aid.


·       In order to obtain the necessary documentation to complete this   determination the:

o       individuals aid history, and

o       Child Support Reserve amounts, and

o       Overpayment BIC history

for any case in which the individual has received CalWORKs assistance must be requested.


·      Any period of time that TANF aid was received out of state will require an additional inquiry during the normal intake contact with another State to verify that the cash aid case is closed.


·      The exact month(s) and year(s) that TANF aid was received by the individual out of California must be narrated and included in the months on aid counts.


·      Whenever non-California TANF-aided months are discovered that are not on the TRAC system, staff must adjust the TOA and TRAC records (see TUG Special Notice 99-04 for instructions on adding time TANF aid was received outside of California).


·      A narrative entry must be made to document any actions taken.


·      When the Time On Aid Determination adds back months of aid, making the total months on aid less that 60, or


·       It is determined that the individual has not reached the 60-month CalWORKs time limit


·      The HSS may proceed with the application approval process for that individual.


·      If the individual is not exempt from Welfare-to-Work participation and eligible for 3 or more months of continued cash aid, the HSS must refer the individual to Welfare-to-Work through the normal process.

·      If the individual is eligible to less than 3 months of continued cash aid, the HSS must not refer to Welfare-to-Work.


·      The HSS must also provide a CW 2184 CalWORKs 60-month Time Limit Exemptions Information notice to the applicant at the time of application.



SSUN Screen Limitation on Intake Cases New To San Diego

·        For those cases that are new to the San Diego County automated systems there will be no case history available from the SSUN screen until after the update to the system has occurred on the 2nd workday of the month or the 15th of the month. 


·        In these cases it will sometimes not be possible to have an accurate SSUN screen print at the time of granting and transfer to a granted CalWORKs worker.


·        If such a case has been granted and aid issued the next update to the SSUN system will reflect only the newly granted months of aid.  In these cases:


·        If the TOA and TRAC screens as well as any out of state or county time on aid is verified and documented, and


·        A Time On Aid Notice of Action has been correctly issued


·        The case should be considered complete (with regards to the Time On Aid requirements) for transfer to granted.


·        The receiving worker shall print the SSUN information on the next working day following the next update interval and file with the TOA documentation in the TOA tabbed section.


Intake Time On Aid Presumptive Eligibility Procedure

·        The Time On Aid Determination must be completed prior to the HSS granting the CalWORKs aid presumptively. 


·        All time on aid documentation must be filed under the Time On Aid tab in the case folder.


·        If the necessary documentation is NOT available for the adult(s) in the applicant AU then only the other members of the AU can be aided presumptively until documentation is obtained.


Intake Time On Aid Denial Procedure

The adult applicants that have exceeded the 60 months of CalWORKs aid when the “Time On Aid Determination” is completed cannot be granted with the remaining members of the applicant AU.


·         The ineligible individual must be included in the open-pend case and then denied. 


·        The HSS must use the denial code for Categorically Eligible Medi-Cal, CalWORKs Intake Responsibility.


·        All time on aid documentation for the denied adult must be filed under the Time On Aid tab in the case folder.


Delayed Determination Procedure

When all other elements necessary for the granting of CalWORKs aid have been established and the HSS is unable to complete the Time On Aid Determination due to missing verifications/information aid must be granted for the rest of the applicant AU. 


·        If it is questionable whether or not an adult applicant has reached their 60th month of CalWORKs time limit, grant without the adult(s) in question.  The individual will remain in a pending status until the Time On Aid Determination can be accurately completed. 


·        If it appears that the adult applicant still has months of CalWORKs time limit remaining, grant the individual pending completion of the Time On Aid Determination when the necessary information is obtained.