Article 8 Section 06 Applicants Referred To Another Resource


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08.06.01 Applicants Referred To Another Resource



Applicants who are potentially eligible to another resource such as, but not limited to, unconditionally available income, disability based Medi-Cal or Social Security Disability, must apply for and accept that resource. 


CMS beneficiaries potentially eligible to another resource who are denied for no show, failure to provide or other reasons for not cooperating in obtaining the resource are considered non-compliant and not eligible to CMS until they fully comply.  If the applicant is no longer potentially eligible to another resource, then the worker must verify and document the reason in the case comments.


Legal Aid SSI Advocacy Services

CMS requires some applicants to apply for disability linked Medi-Cal through Disability Determination Services Division (DDSD) as a condition for eligibility for CMS and generally follows Medi-Cal regulations regarding applying for unconditionally available income. Medi-Cal does not consider SSI unconditionally available income because it is viewed as Public Assistance.


A CMS applicant who has been identified as potentially eligible to Medi-Cal or SSI may be referred to the SSI Advocate for assistance in applying for or reapplying for SSI benefits, or assisting with the process of filling an SSDI/SSI appeal. The worker will:

·         Either mail or fax form CMS-2 to the SSI Advocate; and

·         Note in the comment section of the CMS IT system, “SSI Advocacy Services Referred.”